Kerry Walker HOM, HonBA, DCHM  Homeopathy Toronto

Appointments and Rates

All appointment fees include the homeopathic remedies prescribed (some rare isopathic remedies may be an exception).
Most clients benefit from an initial consult with a follow up at the 5-6 week point. Periodic follow ups thereafter help to keep healing on track.  Distance is no problem and I treat clients all over the world via Zoom or even over the phone if necessary. 
Initial Consultation 2 hours:   $200       
This initial visit involves a full and thorough case-taking of your medical history, objectives, and present state.   The fee includes prescribed homeopathic remedies, and an email check in around the 2 week mark.  The aim is to find the most exact prescription and recommendations for each individual. 
Follow-up Consultations, 45 minutes:  $85  I usually recommend the first follow up at about the 5-6 week point. The first follow-up is especially important in order to assess the effect of the prescribed remedy and make necessary adjustments. 
Acute Consultations:  $120
For accidents, injuries and other non-chronic complaints. Remedies are included with the visit price.
Online Consults by Zoom
I offer consultations via Zoom, which is an online service that allows you to log on by simply using a link that I send. I can also consult by phone which is useful for follow ups.
Email me with appointment requests
Insurance Coverage
I am a Registered Homeopath with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario #15149.  Many extended health insurance plans provide coverage for treatment. Please contact your insurance provider for information on your particular plan, or your HR department to request that homeopathy be made part of your plan.
I offer consultations via Zoom or by phone, so treatment can be done from the comfort of your own home and distance is never an issue.