Homeopathy for Healthy Skin

Skin conditions of all sorts are very common these days, and homeopathy provides an alternative to suppressive treatments.  If you are looking to try and address your skin condition on a deeper level, homeopathic treatment be a good fit for you. Treatment aims at and involves the following:

Constitutional Homeopathy: Takes into account the entire being, physical, mental and emotional and aims to stimulate the immune system and healing on the deepest level.  Many people have skin conditions, but this type of treatment looks at what makes one person’s symptoms different from another’s.  This is what gives the client the benefit of an individualized and holistic prescription.
Stress and Emotional Health:  Many people with skin conditions find that they tend to become worse with mental and emotional stress.  Homeopathy is one of the few healing modalities that can be applied to emotional and mental symptoms.

Detoxification:  Helping to identify and eliminate toxic substances with the application of constitutional and sometimes isopathic remedies.  Detoxifying herbs may also be useful for some clients.
Supplementation: Providing the body with high levels of nutritive support so that it has the ingredients to heal.  Nutritional support can have a powerful effect.

Dietary Eliminations: For some people, skin conditions are connected to dietary allergens, and very often digestive health in general.  In such cases, making simple food eliminations can help tremendously.